Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whirls and Swirls

"We built this city on rock and roll..." Totally have that song stuck in my head! Maybe, my brain is subconsciously gearing itself up for the music part of SXSW I'm heading to in a couple of days! I'll say I'm a little overwhelmed with how many artists there are! I can't decide what venue to be at or which band to see at what time! I'm super excited! Now, back to fashion! As for my outfit I wanted to keep it pretty simple because I felt my coat did most of the talking! I saw this on the Old Navy website in the girls section and couldn't pass it up---I just ordered the biggest girl size they sold! It's fun to be able to do that. You save a little money and the clothes are just as well made!

Dress: BCBG; Similar
Coat: Old Navy Girls; Similar
Pumps: Vera Wang; Similar
Sunnies: Fossil

Do any of you have any amazing finds from the children's section?

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  1. Loving that blue dress & pretty white coat :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. coat and heels are really nice ! very well on you <3

    visit me, dear :)

  3. You look so chic! This color combo is great on you.

    Minted Magazine

  4. Giovanna, this outfit is too cute! It's really classic and I love your bun!

    P.S- that color looks really good on you! Oh and I have a few items of clothing from the kid section myself, I figure hey if it fits and I like it why not? lol

    XO Kelley

  5. great coat and jacket!

  6. I LOVE that coat! It is so cute!!


  7. I am so jealous that you are going to SXSW... I want to go so badly!! Have so much fun!

    And, love your coat... I usually buy tshirts from the little boys section from the gym. They just fit so well :)


  8. Very nice blog!
    I follow you!



  9. that coat is gorgeous! I cannot believe it's from Old Navy! Great find :) <3

  10. pretty dress!

  11. I adore your simple look - sometimes something more simple and classic is best especially when it comes to more elegant ensembles. I can't believe your coat is from old navy?! It's lovely! I'm so jealous :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

  12. *gasp* that jacket!! It's beautiful! Such a classy outfit all around too!
    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  13. Love the new trend of the high ballerina bun, its super cute :-)
    Your blog is adorable!

  14. Oh girl! cute outfit!! Looks good on you!! :)


  15. That's such a pretty jacket!

  16. wow your coat is so pretty!!! I LOVE it!

  17. You are too adorable and this outfit is to die for. So is your blog though i totally love it. You are an inspiration to me as a new blogger and I really look up to you as a person as well! It was really a blessing to come across your blog and I look forward to seeing your amazeballs posts in the future!