Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guest Post: Fighting Back With Fashion!

There are many women out there that find that their lives are impeded by some health obstacle--from mesothelioma cancer to breast cancer, so when the time comes, they may not know where they are going to find their strength. While some women turn to prayer and other women turn to their friends, there are plenty of women who look inside for their strength and find it in the most unexpected places. This is where fashion can come in!

Fashion means many different things to many different people, and if you are in a situation where you want to make sure that your difficulties do not prevent you from looking fabulous, fashion is the right choice for you. Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself in a very simple way. While writers express themselves through the written word, and musicians express themselves through their music, everyone can express themselves through their clothes. Everyone sends messages out there about the kind of person they are using their clothes, so what kind of message are you sending today?

Every day, you make a choice about what you are saying to the world at large. Sometimes, you are making the choice by dint of having nothing else to wear, but many times, you are making a conscious decision about how you want to be viewed. It is time for you to challenge others and to let them know that you are a stunning, vital woman. Whether you are fat or thin or tall or short, there are a number of different ways for you to express yourself.

Think about the traits that you would ascribe to yourself. Things might have changed a bit in your mind since you were diagnosed, but the truth of the matter is that there are many people who find that they only become realer versions of themselves. If you were a sensual woman before your diagnosis, you are still a sensual woman. If you are flirty, shy, sweet, bold, gorgeous, fun or funny, those things haven’t gone away! Use your wardrobe to reinforce these important ideas about yourself.

Take yourself shopping when you have the energy. For example, if you love fun and funky fashions, head to the boutiques near your home, or if you love vintage, head to the thrift stores. You never know what you are going to find. Choose colors, cuts and styles that appeal to you, and make sure that your favorite outfits are always on hand. Fashion gives you something to think about, and choices to make. These choices are entirely your own, so don’t be afraid to go overboard. If you need permission, here it is!

Even when you are struggling with treatment, you’ll find that there are ways to pull you out of your bad head space. Consider your personal fashion and use it to pull yourself out of this difficult spot. Your sense of fashion will always be your sense of fashion, and you can bet that your friends and family will love it!

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on wellness.


School's Out For Summer!

Hey lovelies! The plaid skirt I'm wearing in this post makes me want to start singing Alice Cooper's song "School's Out" out loud! It seriously played over and over in my head while I was taking my outfit pictures! I went to a public school where we had a really strict dress code---you know I love fashion---but every time I couldn't buy something because it wasn't 'up to par' made me wish we had school uniforms. It would have made things much easier!

Top: Arizona Jean Co.
Skirt: Abercrombie
Shoes: Candies via Kohl's
Hat: H&M
Jewelry: Jacques Lemans, Beall's, Colombian


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Crop

Hey Babies!! It feels like I haven't talked to y'all in forever! I hope y'all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Mine was pretty sweet; although, I think I did everything pretty much backwards! I went out to the lake every day but in the afternoon/night. Too funny. Didn't get to really work on my tan much; but, it was still tons of fun!

Crop: American Eagle
Maxi Skirt: I Heart Ronson
Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewelry: H&M, F21, Beall's, Colombian

Friday, May 25, 2012

The It List!

  • Sweetie Pie Style celebrated the solar eclipse with a cute tie dye scarf! The perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies goes for the unexpected and pairs bright, cheery citron with a muted olive! Throw on some pink lipstick and she has such a fun look!
  • Olive & an Arrow has joined the white skinny jean club and just in time for summer! Don't forget to check out the cute top she paired them with! (find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franishh found a total budget friendly pearl bib necklace! She made a few adjustments to make it her own and now she has the perfect statement peice! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is minty fresh in her new skinny jeans! She pairs them with leopard and pink for a bold vibe! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book is adding a little sparkle to her life with a gold sequined top! Paired with a pink maxi, she is looking seriously sweet! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now has officially entered wedding season and she is showing us how to look our best for the festivities! We even get a peek of her man's threads! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life is taking a cue from warmer temps and put together what could be the perfect weekend outfit - maxi skirt, tee, sandals and hat. (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane pairs stripes and floral for a combination that is sure to raise your spirits! A match made in heaven! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average is trying out the peplum trend and knocking it out of the park! Head over to find out where she got her top for a steal! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Wardrobes I Met and Liked shows us a different take on the leopard that we all know and love! Pop over to find out how she kicked it up a notch!
  • Urban Frill shows us a business casual look with a bag that play many roles! And her neckalce? Gorgeous!
  • Seize the Styles is sporting a candy striped dress that reminds her of fruit stripes gum! If this outfit doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will! (find Seize the Styles on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is crushing on ikat for home and wardrobe. Head over to see the pieces she picked to bring the pattern into you room and closet! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey babes! I finally got my hands on a pair of white skinnies and I'm soo excited! I love how versatile they are and the crisp touch they give to your look! On another note, have y'all seen the trailer for The Great Gatsby?! I think it looks amazing! For one, I love Leonardo DiCaprio and for two the casts wardrobe looks stunning! I feel like it's so far away! Going to have to read the book again before it comes out!

Top: Gifted | Similar
Jeans: Mango | Similar
Shoes: Steve Madden | Similar


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Purple Stripes!

Happy Wednesday Loves! I hope y'all are having a wonderful week! It seems like this week and this month are just flying by! I can't believe we are almost to Memorial Weekend! Summer is almost here dolls! I just wish I still had summer months off.....I'll have to see what I can do to get some lazy days in the sun in my life!

Jacket: St. John's Bay
Dress: Rory Becca for f21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Jewelry: H&M, American Eagle, Gifted


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finds Under $40! Maxi Dresses!

Hey lovelies!! Welcome to a new week! I hope y'all had a great weekend! I spent mine in Dallas at a Paso Fino Horse Show! It was tons of fun! I haven't been to a horse show in forever and it was one of our stallions first shows and he placed 1st! Needless to say we were very proud! Can't wait to see how much more he progresses!

As you probably already know I'm obsessed with anything 'maxi'---dress, skirt, you name it---I am there! Maxi dresses and skirts are so comfortable and effortlessly chic! This week I found 6 amazing dresses at some great prices! Check out my finds below!

Finds Under $40 Maxi Dresses

Finds Under $40! Maxi Dresses

{1: $29.99 | 2: $36.99 | 3: $33.90 | 4: $24.99 | 5: $29.99 | 6: $39.00 }

I'm loving all these maxis! My faves are the dottie teal Carlson dress and the orange and pink American Eagle Chevron Maxi! What's your fave?!


Friday, May 18, 2012

The It List!

  • Sweetie Pie Style rounds up one of her favorite new arm party trends - the open-ended cuff! Check out her beautiful picks! (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation found a real gem at the Shops at Target! The dress is gorgeous and perfect for summer!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is a pro at mixing patterns! See how she pairs polka dots and paisley for a polished, causal look!
  • Urban Frill Looks so chic in black, gold and lace! You must check out her amazing tassel necklace!
  • Olive & an Arrow is sporting an all-white ensemble that makes me want to head for the islands! Love the fun necklace she paired with it for a pop of color! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franishh shows us some serious arm candy! Head over to check out where all of her pretties are from! One might surprise you! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is going bold with a fabulous floral dress paired with bright accessories! Pop over to check out this super fun look! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book mixes vintage pieces with a few new ones for a dressy look with a boho vibe! Check out her hair accessory that makes the look! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now looks ladylike in her scallop shorts and top knot! Also, she shows us where to pick up our own scallops for under $50! Yes, please! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life shows us what to wear for an entire 11-day trip to Italy by mixing and matching a few key pieces! Impressive! (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane found an amazing old bag she had while moving! She pairs it with a chic wrap dress for an adorable look! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is keeping it casual with neutral pieces mixed with a few fun accessories! The sandals are such a great buy at an even better price! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average adds a little polish to her bohemian look with a trench vest!  Head over to see where she found it! (Find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Wardrobes I Met and Liked goes denim on denim but in a fun, unexpected way! The polka dot skinny jeans are to die for!!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finds Under $40! Memorial Weekend!

Hey lovelies! It's time for another Finds Under $40! This week I'm focusing on Memorial Weekend! It's coming up fast and you want to be ready with some of your cutest outfits! I scoured the web for great deals and found some amazing pieces to take you from casual day to night--with some sunbathing in between! Check out my Finds Under $40!

Finds Under $40: Memorial Weekend

{Blazer: $39.99 | Top: $36.00 | Shorts: $31.31 | Rings: $12.00 | Earrings: $12.00 | Wedges: $35.50}

Finds Under $40: Memorial Weekend

{Maxi: $29.94 | Necklace: $7.80 | Bangles: $22.00 | Sandals: $36.00}

Finds Under $40: Memorial Weekend

{Coverup: $39.00 | Swimsuit: Top: $25.00 Bottom: $15.00 | Hat: $38.00 | Sunnies: $18.00 | Sunscreen: $8.47 | Sandals: $25.00 | Tote: $22.99 }

My favorite pieces are the spike earrings, the bangles, and floral swimsuit! What are yours?! Does anyone have any amazing plans for Memorial Weekend?? Either way--Have tons of fun and don't forget your sunscreen! =)


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I was featured over on Lotus Blossom Design's Blog for their Gingham week! Head on over and check out their Gingham Talk! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everything's Going To Be All White!

Happy Wednesday dolls! I've had these white trousers forever but could never seem to find a top that would work well with them (I'm a little bit picky, lol). Finally, while I was browsing the sale items at American Eagle I saw this top and automatically knew exactly what I would pair it with! Match made in heaven! My necklace was part of my Mother's Day gift to my Mommy--she was kind enough to let me debut it for her on my blog! 

Top: American Eagle | Similar
Pants: Calvin Klein | Similar
Shoes: Aldo | Similar
Necklace: Target | Similar


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Green Short Story

Hola!! It is heating up here in Texas so shorts are one of my main wardrobe staples right now! I saw these boyfriend shorts and snagged them up in two colors. I love their casual vibe and how they are super comfortable and cute without being really short! I spent all last night talking my little brother through what it's like to start a blog. Mind you, I'm still a novice, but loving every second of it! He has "tons" of ideas! He's too funny! I'll keep you posted on his blog whereabouts!  

Top: Ana | Similar
Shorts: St. John's Bay | Similiar
Shoes: Steve Madden | Similar
Hat: Gifted | Similar


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Monday, May 14, 2012

Orange + Blue

Happy Monday Lovelies! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend--especially you beautiful mommies out there! Here's to us having an amazing week!

Top: Izod | Similar
Trousers: Worthington | Similar
Shoes: Nine West | Similar
Jewelry: Gifted, F21, Jacques Lemans

Friday, May 11, 2012

The It List!

  • Sweetie Pie Style has a new obsession - rose gold! Head over to see what she pairs her new kicks with for a bright, rosy look!  (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation is stepping out of her comfort zone with pattern mixing and it paid off! Check out her easy tip to keep the look cohesive!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is trying one of the favorite looks of the season - pink and red colorblocking. She made it her own with an edgy leather jacket! So cute!
  • Urban Frill is channeling her inner 50s housewife for a sweet polka-dotted look with a modern twist! Pop over to see how you can recreate the vintage inspired look!
  • Olive &; an Arrow pairs a Beatles tee with a floral skirt for an unexpected match! Glad she did because they look amazing together!!  (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Franish is ready to set sail in her nautical inspired outfit! She even has an amazing manicure to match! (find Franish on Twitter!)
  • City and Burbs is trying something new in the accessories department! Head over to see how she pairs two necklaces for twice the statement! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book combats the cooler temps of her office with a beautiful layered look! And her bow belt? Gorgeous! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now has discovered just how amazing maxi skirts really are! Her purple and leopard duo is a perfect combination! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life pairs green and orange for a fun spring look! Don't forget to check out the floral boat shoes!! (find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane even makes moving look chic! A plaid shirt, jean shorts and tennies never looked so good! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is trying out the metallic Sperry wedges with a fun outfit that involves some pattern mixing! Head over to see the office the outfit inspired! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Good Life shows us how to dress for a chilly spring! Check out what she pairs a sweater with to make it work for the new season! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get Kourtney Kardashian's fun floral look! Stop by to see what pieces are used to recreate the look, all for under $95!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Call It Spring!

Hello Lovelies!! Soooo... I finally added a striped top to my wardrobe! This one is a bit funky but I like it! The colors are super cute and the different sizes of the stripes add a fun dimension. I'm going to be honest and say I'm a little sad tonight as I'm writing this---because The Voice is over! No more watching Adam Levine twice a week!! Hahah I couldn't be happier with the winner though, he is an amazing talent. Music is one of my all time favorite loves. Just hearing a beautiful voice gives me goosebumps! Music definitely makes the world a better place! =)

Top: 36 Point 5 via Tobi 
Jeans: American Eagle | Similar
Shoes: G21 | Similar


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