Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hearts & Stars

Yo! Yo! Yo! Happy Wednesday Dolls! Today is extra special because it's My Birthday!! I've already had more phone calls and sugar than any normal human should intake in one day! Cannot wait for the rest of the week! I'm taking a trip to my hometown of Barranquilla and catching a Colombia soccer World Cup qualifying match! Sooo excited!

I honestly believe there are over 101 uses for denim shirts! A good use for them is layering! You can take a summer-ish dress and snazz it up for a cooler day just by adding a bit of denim!

Dress: MNG | Similar
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas | Similar
Tights: c/o No nonsense
Booties: ASOS | Similar
Accessories: Stradivarius, F21


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Style Spotlight: Flats!

Hey babes! My new favorite pastime here in Bogota is the art of power-walking. I'm telling you, I find myself power-walking EVERYWHERE! hahah It isn't that easy to do in wedged boots or booties. Thus, I'm slowly becoming a flat connoisseur. I've found quite a few fab pairs! I need to pick some of these babies up, STAT!

{1: $39.99 | 2: $79.90  | 3: $49.90}
{4: $89.90 | 5: $89.90 | 6: $49.90}
{7: $21.99 | 8: $29.99 | 9: $57.99}

I'm obsessed with the Eyelash Flats and the Tassel Moccasins! Which are your fave?!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Give Me Love.

Happy Monday Babes! I hope the weekend treated y'all well! How was St. Patrick's day?! Hopefully no hangovers today! Pops of color for Spring are a must! I'm loving pink and orange tones. I fell in love with an orange tone blazer at Zara today and may just have to go pick it up! If you're following me on twitter and pinterest you can see the lovely piece! Obsessed!

Blouse: F21 | Similar
Shorts: NY& CO | Similar
Pumps: Aldo | Similar
Accessories: Jacques Lemans, Mark, Kate Spade


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Peachy

Hola loves! This week has been a bit hectic but I'm glad to be busy! I helped style a photoshoot on Tuesday that was super fun! It's for an artists album release here! I posted photos on my Twitter and some fun vids on Vine! Make sure to check them out! I only brought one hat with me to Bogota--bummer! But there was only so much space! I had to wear it on my trip! A good fedora in a neutral color is a great piece to have in your back pocket. It's great for bad hair days, trips to the beach, and to add a little extra to your look! Definitely get your hands on one! Especially now for Spring!

Jacket: Zara | Similar
Dress: H&M | Similar
Boots: DIY Old Navy | Similar
Hat: Calvin Klein
Accessories: Glint & Gleam, F21, Jacques Lemans, Kate Spade


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leopard, Leopard, Everywhere!

Hey babies! Welcome to a new week! Leopard is on the menu today. I'm obsessed with this coat! It goes with everything---or so I keep telling myself. Leopard has been really popular the past year. From leopard belt accents to pants and coats! If you're timid about wearing leopard, I would definitely suggest you start with a small piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. A cute leopard belt is a fun touch to an outfit without being too over the top. It really does "go" with tons of pieces. Wear a chiffon blouse, skinny jeans, booties, and add the leopard belt---believe me, you'll want to add to more leopard to your wardrobe after that first outing! lol

Jacket: ASOS | Similar
Top: Zara | Similar
Pants: Calvin Klein | Similar
Boots: Massimo | Similar
Bag: Aldo
Accessories: Gifted, F21, Glint & Gleam, Jacques Lemans


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finds Under $40! Lace!

Hey babes! Welcome to the weekend and this week's edition of Finds Under $40: Lace!! Lace pieces are great for this time of year. A great lace top can be worn under a leather jacket or blazer. Or you can add a cute lacy sock to your sandals so you can wear them out while it's still chilly---for a great little pop of color or accent. Lace makes for a great transition piece and is easy to dress up or down. Check out my finds below!

{Shorts: $34.00 | Skirt: $39.00 | White Dress: $38.00 | Socks: $3.80}
{Tights: $12.99 | Blouse: $14.50 | Red Dress: $38.15 | Tank: $28.00}
{Top: $26.28 | Sweater: $14.80 | Moto Jacket: $24.80}
{Peplum: $19.80 | Pants: $22.80 | Blue Dress: $31.37}

I'm really diggin' the Moto Jacket and the Blue Floral Dress! What piece is your fave?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Happy Wednesday Babies! This week feels like it is just flying by! I love a good leather short. Versatility is key when you are buying pieces to add to your wardrobe and leather anything is really so versatile. I love how you can dress the shorts up or down and can wear them through the seasons. They aren't something that can "only be worn for 2 months out of the year" and that's key when you're planning on investing in an item or even when adding that new "must have" piece to your wardrobe.

Top: F21 Men's | Similar
Shorts: F21 | Similar
Tights: No nonsense
Shoes: F21 | Similar
Accessories: F21, Glint & Gleam, H&M, Mark


Monday, March 4, 2013

How Long

Hey babies!!! Welcome to a new week! I'm broadcasting from Bogota, Colombia. It's been a crazy couple of days! I had a really good trip--of course I OVERPACKED---but, I got to bring mostly everything I wanted--- soo I'm stoked about that. Today was spent apartment hunting. I wish it was as fun as it sounds! Hopefully I'll find something I really like asap!

Top: Zara | Similar
Skirt: Mossimo
Boots: Simply Vera | Similar
Bag: Charming Charlie
Accessories: Mark, F21